I believe we are all born with natural instincts and talents. These are intimate places in us that ignite passion; they come naturally to us. For me, I had an inherent love and draw to athletics, health, the environment, exploration and adventure. I spent hours climbing trees and looking for the next cool space to explore.

I found healing and interpersonal surplus in nature. I could have easily digressed into the unhealthy choices and pull of my siblings and people that surrounded me, but instead, at 10yrs, I built my own sanctuary in nature and grounded myself in the places I explored. This was my first introduction to what was later understood as biophilia and bio mimicry.

My explorations of nature taught me resiliency and how to build with intentional design philosophies. This ingrained in my body not only how to maximize human performance, but also how to create peace in the midst of chaos.

In my 20’s I moved to LA where I went to school to study nutrition, health, bio mechanics, and was hungry for anything that would teach me how to improve athletic performance and maintain optimum health.  This period my entire world focused on the surrounding environments of hospitals, pediatric clinics, wellness centers, chiropractic offices, dance studios, gyms etc. Giving me the understanding and desire to create integrated wellness centers & spaces. 

My surroundings and experiences in LA allowed me to understand the health and wellness industry. This led me to co-create an integrated wellness center, which was the catalyst for me to go back to school to study interior architecture/design. It was in design school where I learned about sustainability, bio-mimicry and biophilia – It connected my childhood to my future endeavors, I felt at home, and my world made more sense.  

As a designer, I now embellish on best practices for designing and creating health-centric spaces; with most focus on workplace,  corporate and personal gyms and wellness spaces,so that clients, and professionals can heal, be most productive and thrive in their surrounding environment. For me, design is a form of translated thoughts and intelligence which I help make visible to clients through their environments.  I create from what speaks to them personally, and what makes them feel well, balancing concept, planning details, function, nature and playfulness.

Design is inevitable.