I believe that we share a universal connectedness in how experiences shape us: intimate places within ourselves that ignite passion, guide our pursuits and drive resilience. I have been inherently drawn to athletics, health and the environment manifesting in exploration and adventure. As a child, I spent hours climbing trees and looking for the next cool space to explore.

I found healing and interpersonal surplus in nature. My explorations of the world through a biological lens taught me adaptability and how to build with intentional design philosophies. This was my first introduction to biophilia and biomimicry- a desire to create and replicate elements of nature through design.

In my 20’s I moved to LA, where I went to school to study nutrition, health and biomechanics—anything “body performance.” My surrounding environments were an aggregate of industry and wellbeing: hospitals, pediatric clinics, wellness centers, chiropractic offices, dance studios, gyms, etc. It was in these places that I learned the dynamic power of empathy within the workplace.

My experiences in LA proved to be the catalyst for me to continue my education with interior architecture/design. While in design school, I learned about sustainability and the science and application of biomimicry and biophilia. It connected my childhood to my future endeavors. I felt at home, and my world broadened and became more enriched.  

As a designer, I now embellish on best practices for conceiving and creating human and health-centric spaces. My work focuses on workplace, corporate and personal spaces, private offices, personal gyms and wellness centers. I aim to design places that foster healing and enable users to be most productive and thrive in their surrounding environment; to balance and integrate concepts of function, nature and playfulness with design we encounter every day; to create from what speaks to people personally, and what makes them feel well.