Office Renovations Focus on Occupant Choice of Workspace

Courtesy of Sally Painter.

Courtesy of Sally Painter.

This story was originally written for on May 6, 2019 by Valerie Dennis Craven.

Our surroundings affect us, whether we realize it or not. From figuring out where things are in a building for easy navigation, to having a variety of spaces inside and out for work and play, or a focus on health and sustainability, today’s workplace design trends focus on a happy, healthy day.

Design around an existing space.

While some things can be moved, some, like supporting beams or historic elements, can’t. Use the history of the space to your advantage to create a unique environment. Use the architectural bones to provide inspiration for how to integrate existing elements with new components, suggest Jamie Willemse, owner of Studio 7 Design and Allyson Strowbridge, owner and principal of ctrl+shift+space.

Claire Meyer